To Kill A Mockingbird

Gregory Peck

Last Updated on June 04, 2001

     This page contains all of the tracks from the Varese Sarabande album, "To Kill A Mockingbird". It is the actual film score performed by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra conducted by Elmer Bernstein. All of the files are in streaming RealAudio G2 format, so be sure to download RealPlayer. After listening to these songs, if you would like to order this CD, click here. Thanks to Karen Cohen for supplying the soundtrack!

Track # Track Name Length Listen
1      Main Title (3:19) [STREAMING]
2      Remember Mama (1:07) [STREAMING]
3      Atticus Accepts The
     Case / Roll In The Tire
(2:05) [STREAMING]
4      Creepy Caper /
(4:09) [STREAMING]
5      Ewell's Hatred (3:30) [STREAMING]
6      Jem's Discovery (3:46) [STREAMING]
7      Tree Treasure (4:22) [STREAMING]
8      Lynch Mob (3:03) [STREAMING]
9      Guilty Verdict (3:09) [STREAMING]
10      Ewell Regret It (2:10) [STREAMING]
11      Footsteps In The Dark (2:07) [STREAMING]
12      Assault In The Shadows (2:25) [STREAMING]
13      Boo Who? (2:59) [STREAMING]
14      End Title (3:25) [STREAMING]

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