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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

So it's been awhile, eh? Where to start?

Well, my birthday was a month ago. Had a wicked time out that evening. Thanks to everyone who came along!

The next day I saw Ben Folds at the Lowry. I must admit his new album hasn't really appealled to me that much. Seeing him live, however, reminded me of why I was a fan in the first place.

Caught M.I.A. at the Music Box at the end of the month. She was brilliant. She has such good energy. It was also a good show in that her opening act, Akala, is someone I'm now familiar with and look forward to hearing more from. Apparently, he's Ms. Dynamite's brother. How cool is that?

Not been up to much recently apart from trying sort stuff out for Amsterdam and continue on with the dissertation. Sorting out living arrangements at the moment. Fingers crossed, I'll be living in a place on the Prinsengracht not too far from the Anne Frank House.

Right, can't think of much more to add at the moment, but will try to be better about posting in the future!