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Thursday, July 25, 2002

Well, let's see... Monday I watched "All Over The Guy." It was a great film, worth checking out if you get the chance. Very funny and sweet. Also so "Trainspotting" again, as Michael hadn't seen it yet. Had to correct that, so what was I to do but watch it again myself?

Tuesday I drove (seriously, I did. By myself, even...) to Great Bend and saw "Reign of Fire." It was about what I expected. Nothing earth-shattering, but good summer fun.

Other than that, haven't been doing much. Working on re-doing the front part of the website right now. Been staying up and watching Anderson Cooper on Daybreak. Also got the hook-up for free feeds of Big Brother 3... So yeah, that's what I'm up to. Heading to Lawrence for a short stay starting Friday afternoon. 'Bout time I get out of this town, even if only for a few days.

Saturday, July 20, 2002

Following up on the after-life discussion, Bethany brought up a good point. Even if there is nothing when we die, why worry about it? If you think about it, we aren't conscious of life before our birth, so what's to say we'd be aware afterwards. Something to think about...

Oh yeah, I finally get the Chris Isaak picture scanned. Take a peek.

After-Harvest is in full swing. Whoo.

Thursday, July 18, 2002

Another late night/early morning. The After-Harvest Festival is upon us. Yay.

Just finished watching "The Others." Somebody had partially spoiled the ending of the film for me, but damn, what way to end a movie. Sometimes I'm bothered by thoughts of whether or not there is some sort of after-life, as opposed to something like darkness, and I can't say this movie comforted me any... hah

Time to go. Anderson Cooper on Newsnight awaits...

R.I.P. Kola - It wasn't often that we got along, but keep it real up there in Doggie Heaven...

Friday, July 12, 2002

What I've been up to? Nothing much, mostly watching movies. Let's see...

Monday - "Trainspotting" (I FINALLY got the Canadian DVD with the cut footage) and "How High."

Tuesday - "American Psycho"

Wednesday - "American Psycho 2: All-American Girl."

Today - "Braveheart." (I know... It's pop-history, but I AM going to be living in Stirling in a couple of months.)

AP2 pretty much sucked, except it exposed me to an artist I'd never heard before. Her name is Emiliana Torrini. Her song "Unemployed In Summertime" is now my summer anthem. "Dead Things" is another great song. The beginning alone tricks me everytime I hear it.

Monday, July 08, 2002

Just a lazy couple of days. Saturday I finally watched "But I'm A Cheerleader" and "The Beach." Last night I watched "Retribution." Have to go, Hometime is on...

Saturday, July 06, 2002

Yawn. Just got back from Great Bend. Yes, the one and only Dave Drake cut my hair this morning. A glorious start to a day, if I may say so myself...

Yesterday I finally watched "The Full Monty." I'd been waiting to see it for ages. All I can say is that T-Dub had some of the best lines. "You're fat, you're skinny, and you're both fuckin' ugly!" Go, T-Dub.

Pat stopped by and wanted to watch "UHF." I've seen it a countless number of times, but it was only yesterday I noticed the blind guy with the Rubik's Cube. Pure brilliance.

Have to answer some e-mail before "Hometime." Peace.

Thursday, July 04, 2002

Happy 4th. Just woke up not too long ago. Yesterday was my last day of class, so I had a good time last night.

Yesterday afternoon, I watched "Like Mike" in Hutchinson. I've heard so many people talking bad about it without having seen it, but really, it's another "Rookie of the Year." Actually I think it's better than that. I really enjoyed it, and what can I say, The Fors did a great job, as always.

Tuesday afternoon I watched "Swordfish." Not a bad flick. Good action scenes. And Vinnie Jones. hah

Monday was Dollar Day, so I rented "Cruel and Unusual" with Tom Berenger. The only thing cruel and unusual about it would be to make someone watch it. Yep.

Sunday, I finally saw "A Life Less Ordinary." A pretty enjoyable flick. Wouldn't mind seeing it again. Makes me want to see the rest of Danny Boyle's films... I think "The Beach" is the only one I haven't seen.