Monday, June 12, 2006

Life changes. Wow.

So it was my birthday this weekend. I wasn't exactly in top form. I had a lot on my mind but even though we didn't do a lot (my fault for being indecisive), I'm glad that I was able to hang out with friends and forget about things for a bit.

I'm twenty four now. That's six years until thirty. I can live with that.

I think my music taste is changing again. I seem to go through six-month periods where I listen to mostly one genre and then just radically shift. I've noticed this happening for a few years, but it appears we are approaching a new era. Or maybe it's a "paradigm shift?" ;)

But anyway, when I was living in Manchester I mostly listened to electronic music (yes, I know, it's a blanket category). Not long after moving to Manchester, however, I fell back in to rap music. I hadn't really followed it very much since high school, so it was a weird bit of nostalgia. Especially living in the Netherlands, where the stuff I was listening to in '97 is still popular and being played on The Box.

Given the current state of events (read: Anarchy & Apathy), it looks like I'm moving away again. Right now it's involving a lot of Hank Williams III and lounge music (yeah, I know, but then again I've never "been normal" when it comes to music, have I?). Maybe I'm prepping myself for Ellinwood, KS? Guess we'll just have to see.

So yeah, that's about where things are. Life goes on. Roll on the Jeff Lang UK/USA Tour Summer 2006...

P.S. My friend Max has started a new blog called I Got It 4 Cheap. It's like pop culture for the ADD generation. So of course it's worth checking out...


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