Friday, May 05, 2006


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So Queensday was pretty good. Chris came over from Manchester and we all had a fun time. Especially once we found the Anal Terror box. Maybe I should explain?

On Queensday, which is the biggest national Dutch holiday, there are many people on the street selling things. It's kind of like a city-wide garage sale, only there are no garages, only canals. So Alison, Arno, Chris, Matt, Max and myself were walking down the street when we saw a metal box on sale for only two euro. This magical box, with "Anal Terror" enscribed with magic marker on its front, was an obvious choice for purchase.

And I must say, it changed our day. Everywhere we went, people wanted to see the Anal Terror. There was nothing inside, of course, but that didn't mean anything. In the end, we all had fun. And far too much to drink.

Follow the link to Flickr for more Anal Terror.


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