Monday, November 28, 2005

Harvey Sid Fisher is amazing. A few years back I found out about the Astrology Songs video. I don't remember how, but I do remember that it was a great moment in my life. That is simply because everyone NEEDS to see it to understand its awesomeness. Apparently Mr. Fisher wrote the songs a long while back when astrology was the thing to talk about. The video was made for broadcast on a public access station as a sort of commercial for the album. If you want to hear some of the songs, they are available on Harvey Sid's website. The crazy thing is that most people I know who hear the songs actually kind of find the lyrics applicable. Spooky!

Anyway, I am sad as my VHS copy is in the US. Well, apparently, Harvey Sid has released the video on DVD. This is definitely going on my Christmas list. I would always watch this back in Ellinwood over the holidays. I feel incomplete without it! :(

Anyway, if you're interest is piqued (as it should be), give Harvey Sid a shout. He's pretty cool. When I ordered my CD and VHS awhile back, he even signed them for me. Read more about the video here. While you're checking these things out, why not listen to some of the Battle of the Sexes clips? Did I mention that he was "one of LA's top ten million photographic models?"


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