Sunday, October 02, 2005

Man, where has the time gone?

So last weekend I was in Manchester for Chris' birthday party, then Tuesday I'm in Overveen at a film archive, Wednesday I'm in class all day, Thursday, more of the same except I unexpectedly joined a group of people to see Mugison at the Paradiso. Drunken fun ensued.

Friday involved spending an unhealthy amount of time at the Film Museum working on a group project, ultimately leading to a massive bender that ended at five in the morning. Normally not a problem, but seeing as how I had to get up early to meet Chris at the airport...

So I overslept. Luckily I left my phone on, so he called around a eleven to ask where the hell I was. A quick dash up to Centraal, we met up for what was supposed to be a short afternoon meet-up. Chris has a new job and as part of it, his company is sending him to Minneapolis (of all places) for two weeks. The funny thing is that they couldn't fly him direct, so he ended up in Amsterdam for the afternoon. Well, that was how it was supposed to be...

So I get word around 19.00 that his flight has been CANCELLED. So, another quick dash to Centraal, and Chris is back crashing at mine. What a surreal weekend. And it's only Sunday afternoon.


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