Friday, August 12, 2005

Remember that Encyclopedia Britannica commercial from the 80s that had the annoying kid talking to the voice-over about how he was trying to do his book report? I just saw it again at X-Entertainment and it reminded me of one of the times I felt totally despicable.

When I was really young, I remember that we had several sets of encyclopedias at the house. Little did I know at the time that they could actually be USED for something, I begin going though each volume, using them to practice writing in cursive. You know, as you do...

When Mom saw this, she was suitably upset. Those things aren't cheap. Only looking back do I realize what I was doing was really cruel. Mom went through a lot to bring the three of us up, and I wasn't helping things by de-facing something she put her hard-earned money down on to help further our education.

Sorry, Mom. x


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