Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Can I just say that I love Fatboy Slim as much as it is possible for one person to love someone when they don't know the other person? I just picked up "Palookaville," and while there are few songs that I've yet to take a shine to, I'm completely hooked on others. I want "Wonderful Night" to be a single.

Anyway, yeah, I know I haven't updated this place for a while. I've been busy as heck with coursework while trying to maintain a social life. Hopefully after a few weeks, I'll get an idea of how to balance my time.

I've seen too many films in the last six weeks to list, but last night I caught "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" with Dave and the Cinema Club. No comment on the film itself other than it looked like it cost a lot.

Went to Mr. Scruff's monthly "Keep It Unreal" night with Darren on Saturday. I love Mr. Scruff's music and always will (probably), but I wasn't digging the crowd. Fair enough, we had a good time regardless.

I know I'm forgetting lots of things, but it's late...


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