Monday, July 05, 2004

I love Jay-Jay Johanson. This is a fact. Anyone who knows me very well can attest to this. However, being American and a fan of Mr. Johanson is very difficult. We get NOTHING. We were lucky to get a release of "Antenna." Go figure that I was abroad at the time and got it nine months before it came out here. But that's not the point.

What is the point you ask? Finding news on Jay-Jay Johanson in English is flippin' difficult. If it weren't for the SweetRevenge on the Pet Shop Boys Forums, I wouldn't have known that Jay-Jay recently released a greatest hits CD with five (count 'em - five) new songs, including an updated version of "So Tell The Girls..." Seriously, this is a crime. Thank goodness it's only been out for a month, or I would have really been upset.

The lesson: America is not the place for me. In a month where another of my faves, Bebel Gilberto, has released a new CD and I only learned of it after fact, I'm ready to leave. Every place else in the world seems to enjoy the music I like (Even Canada, where I had to order the Jay-Jay CD from). Fair enough... here's to new releases!


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