Friday, June 25, 2004

Damn, it certainly has been awhile since I last posted, yet so much has actually happened. Usually I don't post because there isn't much to say; in this case I've just been really busy.

Last week, Jon and Megan got married in Great Bend. I wish I had the pictures to post, but I can't find the cable to hook my camera up to the PC. As soon as I do, they'll be here. Anyway, I was a groomsman. I felt busy, so I can only imagine what those two felt like. It was a very nice wedding. They're off in New York on their honeymoon right now, so I hope they're having a blast.

On Sunday, Adam, Kelly and myself went to the Cosmosphere. One of the things we saw was an IMAX film called "Island of the Sharks." The photography was amazing. I love seeing footage of sea creatures in the wild, so this was quite an experience. It made me resolve to get a goldfish as SOON as I'm settled in the UK this fall. :D


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