Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Yeah, so the most random thing happened in the History of International Sound Film class tonight. Tibbets got up and did his spiel, and reminded everyone that Patty Jenkins, the director of "Monster," will be at the Union tomorrow to discuss the film after a screening. Well, before we knew what was going on, Patty Jenkins pops up out of nowhere and says that it's great to be back in Lawrence. Apparently, she's from here and attended KU and wanted to invite us to the thing tomorrow. Anyway, that's not that random, as I mean, she was scheduled to be here anyway. What WAS random was what she said next:

"Ladies and gentleman, I'd like to introduce my special guest and friend, Steve Perry, the lead singer of 'Journey!'"

What... the... hell?!

He popped up, waved, and then they both left... It was just so damn weird... The freakin' lead singer of "Journey" just showed up at my class out of nowhere and then left just as quickly.

Anyway, Leslea Newman, the author of "Heather Has Two Mommies," came and spoke on campus tonight. I attended, and I'm really glad I did. It was a very interesting lecture, especially when she spoke of all the opposition for such a benign book. Between this, and the workshop with Joe Kort, it's been a pretty educational week.

PS - I just ran Blogger's spellcheck and instead of "freakin'," it suggested "foreskin." ;)


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