Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Right, so the rush towards spring break is on. Test after test, with a paper thrown in for good measure. Of tests, I have three, with one already out of the way. Have another one tomorrow and then one on Monday. Finally, the paper due on Tuesday will mark my official period of slackery until the break is officially over. But I have a lot to do when I go home. I'm going to go through the garage and my room, looking for stuff to sell on eBay. I have tons of stuff that people might want, so why not let them have it, at a reasonable price, no doubt. Besides, I'm a student and I need the money. And if not for me, then for my Mom, that way she won't have to worry about her loser son. ;)

Got my first Religion test back today. Managed a high C. I suppose that's not too bad, considering I have the worst teacher I've ever had. Plus, it was a religion I'm not even that familiar with, so now that I've got the ropes, I should hopefully be able to get at least a "B." I won't wish for too much, as again, the only reason I'm taking it is to graduate.

I hate colds. I thought I had one last week, but that was just a bad reaction to some medicine. That went away after a few days. This, this is a cold. And it's apparently here to stay. It reared its ugly head on Saturday and is still going strong today. Perfect timing.


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