Friday, November 21, 2003

Man, I really need to catch up...

Quickly, I saw The Matrix Revolutions a couple of weeks back... It was... okay. If it wasn't for the final fight scene, I would have been totally bored the entire time. Hugo Weaving makes it all worth while.

Also saw Love Actually not too long back. It was brilliant. Really looking forward to the DVD release so as to see it again.

Here's a post from the PSB message board from when I met Junior Senior on the 11th. I'm lazy, so I'll just cut-and-paste it:

I apologize in advance for this, but I just saw Junior Senior perform live and I'm just too happy (read: drunk). I've been trying to see them live for ages, but keep missing them. First, I missed them in Glasgow by just days. Then, I actually made it to London, but had to leave to catch my train just a half-an-hour before they came on. I also missed them because I had a test the night they were in KC with Electric Six. But tonight, I finally saw them! Who would've thought it'd finally be in Lawrence, KS of all places? Oh well, all I know is that both guys are totally cool. Hope they make it 'round this neck of the woods again soon.


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