Saturday, June 14, 2003

Have been busy with menial things today. Had to go to the store and get things for dinner for the next few days. Went to the gym and picked up my paycheck as well. Supposed to be meeting James and Michael for a drink tonight. They are coming down for Stirling, so that should be fun.

Last night, John and I went to see "Identity". I was impressed. I thought it would be just another cheesy murder-mystery. It was so much more. Definitely worth a look.

After we got back, we turned on the TV for a bit. ITV was showing a show about prostitues in Cheshire. John mentioned that the street looked familiar. That wouldn't be unusual, since he's lived in the area all of his life. Then I saw the Kwik-Save that's only a few blocks away and realized they were driving down the street that's not far from us... Crazy...

Still getting lots of lovely messages from Gregory Peck fans around the world. Also received lots of messages from people berating me for not updating the website fast enough. I wonder if these people realize that I'm not a company and don't do this for a living. hah

Can't let the nay-sayers discourage me. Heck, if I had all along, I wouldn't be in England. ;)


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