Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Still reeling from Sunday. Woke up early to work on my Reading Film and Television Essay. Made the trip to Edinburgh in the afternoon, only to realize there'd be no way to make it back to Stirling that night. We put that thought aside for the moment and tried to find the venue. Finally found the Corn Exchange and waited for the show to start. Trilby opened again, and I must say that they have improved. Their stage presence is much better. As per usual, Tenacious D totally killed the place. Their set was amazing. We left a bit early and managed to catch a train to Glasgow. We figured we'd have a better chance overnight in there since we know it much better than Edinburgh.

Got in to Stirling the next morning right around 10:00AM, just in time for class. Was tired all day, but managed to finish up both of my essays in the evening. Went to the library to get started on the next one, but took time after to celebrate St. Patrick's Day by having a pint of Guinness.


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