Monday, November 11, 2002

Finally starting to feel better... All last week I was under the weather, due to a throat infection. I'm a lot better now, but it took its toll on me. Throw in the essay and the presentation, and I was knocked for a loop. But it's all good now. The only schoolwork I have for this week is an essay for Thursday that I'm going to try and get done early, as Underworld is on Wednesday in Glasgow.

I was so busy last week, I didn't even get the chance to talk about meeting Zoe and Colin on the 2nd. We had a wonderful time in Edinburgh. First, we checked out the castle. As I have the talent, I managed to spot a Pizza Hut from the top of the castle, so we knew where to make our way for dinner later on... ;) After the castle, we went looking through the shops (notably HMV and Virgin!), before heading over to Pizza Hut for a great meal. Zoe and Colin were nice enough to look for a cinema so that I could watch "28 Days Later," but we missed the showtime. No worries, as we took the opportunity for a relaxing drink. By then, it was time to head back, so we headed to the train station and got a few more pictures. All in all, it was a great day! Hope to meet up with them again soon.

All right, it's almost time for class...


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