Sunday, October 06, 2002

Well, I broke down and got a scanner for 30 quid, so today is picture day, I suppose... Here goes...

Campus 1

This was my first view of campus. You can see the Wallace Monument in the background if you look close enough. The body of water is Loch Airthrey.

Campus 2

Another view of the loch. You can even see the Link Bridge in the back. That's the bridge I cross to get to the Union.

8 Pendreich Way

This is where I live. Good ol' chalet #8.

Loch Earn 1

This Loch Earn, the first loch we visited.

Loch Earn 2

Me mugging for the camera in front of Loch Earn.

Loch Katrine

A shot of Loch Katrine, the most beautiful place I've visited so far.

Famous Grouse

Mugging for the camera in front of The Famous Grouse. It's just a giant statue at the whiskey distillery we visited the first weekend.

Ben Folds

Ben, Anna and myself out in front of the Barrowland Ballroom.


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