Thursday, September 19, 2002

From Sunday, 15 September 2002:

Got a little more situated today. The jet lag added up to a twelve-hour sleep, but I got a little more productive after that. I headed up to Correll to find out who my adviser would be, but then I ended up finding a computer lab. Although I didn't have my laptop with me, I still was able to get online without much of a problem.

Afterwards, there was a brief orientation session in the Logie Lecture Theater. Following was a quick session with the SUSA over at MacRoberts. I ended up meeting another new roommate upon my return called Matthew.

I eventually made it to the supermarket on campus to get something to eat. I would have gone with takeaway, but the place was closed. I ended up with a pizza on a french bread that was much better than should be allowed for frozen food.

At half-nine, Matthew, his friend Rachel and I headed to Gannochy for a pint or two. I had a good time, although it was weird to see American football on the tele. It reminded me that back home, it was only 3:00 PM.

Afterwards, we came back and watched some Ali G. Now, it's time for bed as I have my advising session at 9:30 AM tomorrow...


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