Thursday, July 04, 2002

Happy 4th. Just woke up not too long ago. Yesterday was my last day of class, so I had a good time last night.

Yesterday afternoon, I watched "Like Mike" in Hutchinson. I've heard so many people talking bad about it without having seen it, but really, it's another "Rookie of the Year." Actually I think it's better than that. I really enjoyed it, and what can I say, The Fors did a great job, as always.

Tuesday afternoon I watched "Swordfish." Not a bad flick. Good action scenes. And Vinnie Jones. hah

Monday was Dollar Day, so I rented "Cruel and Unusual" with Tom Berenger. The only thing cruel and unusual about it would be to make someone watch it. Yep.

Sunday, I finally saw "A Life Less Ordinary." A pretty enjoyable flick. Wouldn't mind seeing it again. Makes me want to see the rest of Danny Boyle's films... I think "The Beach" is the only one I haven't seen.


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