Saturday, April 20, 2002

Man, I need to get a routine set for posting...

Anyway, not a whole lot went down yesterday. But that's not exactly a bad thing. I had an iMovie test during my Basic Video lab, and it went pretty well. After class, Joe and I made the trek to the Southwind and caught a screening of "The Rookie" at 4:20. Overall, it was a pretty good film. Dennis Quaid is awesome.

After the film, I went and got a quick bite to eat at KFC and then came home to get ready for work. I had the 9PM-1AM shift and was hoping to get some homework done. Sadly, I just ended up messing around online the entire evening. Joe and I spent over an hour at Engrish and Zany Video Game Quotes. Definitely time well spent.

Went to bed about 3AM, but woke up around 5AM when I thought I heard the windows shattering. I jumped out of bed only see that there was one hell of a thunderstorm sweeping through. It hailed like crazy for about five minutes and then started to die down. Sounds like there wasn't much damage.

Woke up at 11AM this morning, showered, and then went and grabbed a form to declare my major. Went to AMS and GEOG, stopping by the Study Abroad office afterwards to pick up my orientation packet.

Came back to the room and watched a tape of last night's "Survivor." All I can say is THANK THE LORD that those people realized it was time to start playing the game.

Went to eat at E's with Joe at 4:30PM and then we went to Hastings. All the movies I wanted were gone except for "Head."

So here it is a Friday night and I'm home by myself. Can't say that it's a bad thing, really. I have a headache, and I'm really looking forward to watching this movie. After months of anticipation, I finally got "Head." ;)


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