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James Garner

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James Garner

I recently received this e-mail from "Mary Ann":
I am James Garner's assistant, and have been for 30 years. I do not recall ever giving you permission to print the [street] address for fan mail. I would like to know how you got such permission and from who. Thank you.
No one did, but it is readily availible elsewhere online. If you want to know where to send a letter to Mr. Garner, I suggest you look elsewhere. Because of stuff like this, I won't even consider answering messages asking for an address. It's kind of funny, actually. I've had this site up and running since 1999, and it's only now that Mr. Garner's "staff" contacts me. Nevermind the times I tried contacting them trying to get information regarding Jim's newer work.

As far as I know, Jim does not have an address you can e-mail him at, so please don't ask me for that either.

I apoligize for being curt, especially with those of you who are true fans. But, I have no choice. I have neither the time nor the will to put up with stuff like this. When you aren't having fun, and it's not for money, what's it worth?

Jeff Lang

     I am not James Garner, and I can't forward messages. I will not be able to answer questions, so please consider that when e-mailing me. My address is The below form allows you to send a message straight to my e-mail. This method is easier if you have web-based e-mail such as HoTMaiL, so that you don't have to cut-and-paste my address and log in elsewhere.

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